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Personal Chef

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Free-up Your Time - We'll Cook!

We offer personal chef services (cooking in your home) and delivered meal prep.

Personal Chef Services

Meal prep taken up a notch. Limited availability - plans customized to your needs and budget. Some may want the chef to visit several times a week and cook and serve the fresh-made meal. Others may want one visit per week where one meal is served and several other meals are prepared and packaged for consumption later. We create your menu, shop and come to your home. We use our own equipment and leave your kitchen spotless when we are finished.


Contact us to discuss. We tailor each plan according to your tastes and needs.


Schedule a Consultation

Reach out to us with any questions you may have and schedule a consultation

A few of our popular meals for in-home personal chef services

We offer all types of menus and side dishes to meet your requests. Including vegetarian, keto, FodMap, gluten free – whatever your dietary needs. Below are our most popular meals.

Breast of Chicken Vin Blanc- Chicken in White Wine Sauce

Chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms and cooked in white wine and finished with cream. This special
French classic is served with homemade ‘Glissants’ (French Canadian dumplings). Served with fresh

Baked Honey Pineapple Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon Fillets topped with Honey Pineapple glaze finished with fresh lemon juice. Served with
rice pilaf and fresh vegetable. Fresh and healthy.

Hatch Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Our fresh made homemade green chile chicken enchiladas, filled with chicken breast meat, smoky spicy
Hatch Chile, Monterey Jack cheese, and the best, healthy homemade green chile enchilada sauce.
Topped with creme fraiche, onions and diced tomatoes. Served with traditional red tomato rice.

Apple Harvest Entree Salad with Chicken Breast

Romaine lettuce with Gala apples, bacon, dried cranberries, pecans, and feta cheese served with baked
chicken breast. Served with fresh made raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Burgundy Braised Short Ribs

Slow cooked/USDA choice braised short ribs, served with garlic mashed red skin potatoes. A favorite of
our clients.

Italian Lasagna

Italian meat sauce, pasta, mozzarella cheese, ricotta and parmesan cheese and olive oil. Amazing

Italian Beef Ragu

Traditional slow braised chuck roast with homemade Italian ragu. This slow cooked shredded beef ragu
sauce with pappardelle pasta - may be the king of all pastas. It is hands down one of our all-time favorite

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Chicken paprikash with whole chicken, browned in butter, cooked with onions and paprika, then served
with a little sour cream and Hungarian dumplings. A delicious old world dish.

Asian Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Breast marinated with Asian teriyaki sauce and grilled. Served with stir fried rice and fresh

Popular Menu Items


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